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Careers series: Alex Flowers, Team Leader of Digital Programmes at The Victoria and Albert Museum

Alex Flowers, Team Leader of Digital Programmes at The Victoria and Albert Museum

Another installment of the careers series is here! As I have just started a new role that is heavily involves the Read More →

Careers Series:Meg Shout, Digital Executive at MediaVision

Digital Marketing jobs London careers advice

After a short and much needed break, we are back again with great advice and tips about various careers! This Read More →

Careers Series: Miriam Indries, Social & PR Executive at Hen Heaven


And we’re back! We’re already half way through September, and lots of new graduates and professionals are settling into new Read More →

Quick tips on keeping your blogging consistent

Office set up- writing

Oh the dull irony. After a number of major changes, I’ve had no chance to blog for the past week. Read More →

Net-a-porter’s new social shopping app: The Net Set


Fashion mags are raving about this new, and for now invite only app. Brands have been using Social Media to Read More →

Running out of steam

London Spring sky

Be patient. I’m not running away, it’s more like a mini overload. I had so many shows I wanted to report Read More →

20 Alternative blog post ideas


A short and sweet post with some different blog post ideas. Don’t expect me to say, write about your empties, Read More →

Overused Blogging sentences and developing a tone

I see this everyday, I’m sure other SEOs would agree that this makes our job a bit duller. It’s refreshing Read More →

Google’s future plans: Ranking websites based on facts not links

lights and homeware

The amount of useless or frivolous content on the web sickens me. We store so much unnecessary information, not only Read More →

5 Sites for brushing up on your HTML


I’m appalled by the amount of bloggers who don’ know how to code, especially the lady bloggers. It’s 2014 and Read More →