ICA London: Nastio Mosquito’s The Age I Don’t Remember

A fete for the sexually liberated, the consciously free and forever young. Sending the audience into a flurry of emotion, tension and dense thought. To Nastio we became his lemmings as we followed the energetic artist from to and fro. You weren’t there so let me explain the layout. The ICA Theatre contained five mini stages each with its own musician creating a wonderful tune, except the longest stage which was bare.

IKON Gallery- Nastio Mosquito's daily lovemaking

Nastio Mosquito is an Angolan performance artist, he recently held an exhibition at the IKON Gallery last year, and his work also on display at the Venice Biennial which closes on next weekend. The artist delves between installation, projection and performance art pieces.

Unlike any other performance I’ve witnessed, the mood shifted with ease, from tales of past loves and taboo subjects like bad breath and premature ejaculation then adapt to sudden prancing and toasts to our mortal mistakes.

“LET’S GIVE A TOAST TO OUR LIMITATIONS!” Exclaimed the master of ceremonies as we downed whiskey and munched on bananas. I’m not sure if that gave the audience an unexpected boost or if it was meant to give us energy for the chaos that later ensued. More loose dancing and stories of years gone by.
ICA London

Nastio Mosquito stickers at the ICA

His entourage of musicians and help ease the crowd into his realm of rawness, I had a quick chat with one of them after an impromptu rain of stickers with slogans such as “Be genuine” and “F*ck concepts”. We more or less were discussing the stickers strewn across the floor while Nastio was creating more merriment on the other side of the theatre. It was like conversing with a new yet strange friend.

The event ended on a high with Nastio disappearing under a projection sheet and leaving us in a state of awe and wonder.

Words by Deborah Ajia

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