When it’s never the right time…

Easing myself out of a lucid dream and out into the cold and stiff air of a winter’s morning. Dark, dank and dreadfully cold. I was never a winter person, I get hot easily but the cold gets to my bones faster. My somewhat weak ankles lift and I glide past my hills of stale clothing and endless displays of books. The soles of my feet hit the laminated floors of the corridor and the air drops in temperature. A brief but contrite cuss leaves my chapped lips as I try to bundle my new set of braids.

How does anyone deal with long hair?!”

I’ve been busy with my new job and become more accepting of my current lifestyle. Not sure if that should scare me or not. Seeing friends and family has become a staple part of my week which I am extremely thankful for, knowing beings just as sensitive and at times insanely funny as me, decided I was qualified enough to talk to them!

I think with that being said, I take my weekends more seriously. It seems to take me longer to recharge, which I am not sure whether this is due to the achingly cruel winters Britain dishes out every year. The again you’d think I would be used to them by now since they’re all I’ve ever known.

The thames- St thomas

Speaking of recharging, I have a few tips for younger people struggling to do any such thing;

  • Pamper yourself: Get a massage, a full body massage can cost anywhere from about £35.
  • Sleep earlier…or when you wish: Sleeping early doesn’t always work, find out whats best for you!
  • Travel: If you can afford it or have time off spare, you could just pop off to the country for sometime.
  • Watch what you eat: I can’t say anything about this so I’ll just leave it here.
  • Memory games: Slightly off point, but your memory suffers when you’re busier, start doing some memory games of better yet, get a diary or post it notes.

Well, I’m off. I hope this feature has been insightful !

Words by Deborah Ajia

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